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Batman 700 cvr-cmyk-532x807.jpg
Debut Detective Comics #27
(May 1939)
Created by Bob Kane and Bill Finger
AKA Bruce Wayne
Classification Human
Affiliation Justice League
Relatives Martha and Thomas Wayne (parents)

Batman is DC's other famous superhero. Over the years, both Batman and Superman have had an on-and-off again rivalry, although both heroes have eventually developed a grudging respect for each other, and have become friends and allies.

Batman has the secret identity of Billionaire playboy and philanthropist Bruce Wayne who lives in Gotham City. Unlike Superman, Batman is a normal human and uses an array of gadgets, unarmed combat and detective skills to fight crime and evil. While Superman operates within the law, Batman operates outside the law. Also, while Superman compliments Batman's resourcefulness, Batman admires Superman's innate goodness.

Superman, along with Batman and Wonder Woman founded a team of Superheroes called the Justice League of America.

Bruce Wayne is also the owner of the Daily Planet and all its subsidiaries.

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