Bibbo Bibbowski
Debut Adventures of Superman #428 (May 1987)
Created by Jerry Ordway
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Human
Affiliation Ace O' Clubs

Bibbo Bibbowski is a Metropolis bartender and a loyal supporter and friend of Superman, who he dubs his "fav'rit". He's a kind-hearted man, and will help out when he can. He's also good in a fistfight. Bibbo runs a bar in Metropolis called the Ace O' Clubs. He was also briefly the owner of Krypto, a normal earth puppy who he named after the planet Krypton.

In other media

In Superman: The Animated Series, Bibbo appears sporadically, usually in brief cameos. He works on the docks as well as occasionally hiring out his own boat (as in "A Fish Story" and acts as a tipster to Lois Lane (and later Clark Kent). He's still a vocal admirer and supporter of Superman, as displayed in "Livewire" (and he's briefly victim of an electrical attack by Livewire as a result).

In Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, Bibbo is the proprietor of the Ace o' Clubs, and gives Lois Lane a job as a singer while she thinks she's Wanda Detroit.

In Superman Returns, Jack Larson plays "Bo the Bartender," at a bar in Metropolis. Bo is older than Bibbo and shares few characteristics, but Larson seems to hint that the characters are one and the same.[1]

In the Young Justice episode "Schooled", Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meet in Bibbo's Diner. Bibbo can be seen working in the kitchen.


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