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Smallville: Chloe Chronicles is a webisode spin-off series from Smallville. The series revolves around the character of Chloe Sullivan (played by Allison Mack). The first two series pick up after the events of the season one episode of Smallville, "Jitters." The third season, known as Smallville: Vengeance Chronicles is a spin-off from the season five episode "Vengeance", with Chloe meeting Andrea Rojas or the "Angel of Vengeance" (played by Denise Quiñones). Most episodes have a duration of a few minutes, and are only available online and through the Smallville DVD releases.

Chloe Chronicles

The first volume of Chloe Chronicles details Chloe's investigation into "Level 3" at the Smallville LuthorCorp plant after the events of Jitters. In her first video, Chloe lays out her mission statement: dig up evidence regarding a deceased LuthorCorp employee named Earl Jenkins. Chloe interviews Jenkins' widow, who explains the history of her husbands 'jitters' and when they began to occur. She also showed Chloe a pair of Jenkins' shoes he used while at work, with the bottom of them clearly covered in meteor dust (Kryptonite).

Chloe thinks that Jenkins' violent tremors and eventual death are linked to prolonged exposure to meteor dust (Kryptonite). She tracks the meteor experiments back to a company called Nu-Corp and finds an ex-scientist, Dr. Arthur Walsh, now teaching high-school biology. Chloe understands that he is willing to turn over information about what happened to Earl. However Dr. Walsh vanishes before Chloe can interview him again. In video three, Chloe interviews Jamison, who she suspects of cashing in on the project, as he now holds a high position at Nu-Corp.

Jamison denies the claims regarding research into meteor rock, and claims it is only Walsh's imagination. Jamison grows tired of Chloe's accusations and ends the interview. However, when Chloe goes back to visit Walsh, his office is empty and he is nowhere to be found. Before Chloe leaves, she accepts a package on his behalf, containing a large sum of cash. The note is anonymous, and she later finds out that the delivery company does not exist. Chloe gives the money to Jenkins' family.

Chloe Chronicles, Vol II

Bix, an ex-navy seal and former member of the LuthorCorp's "Deletion Group," contacts Chloe with a cryptic riddle from the missing Arthur Walsh. Chloe decides to keep digging, realizing that innocent lives depend on her. Walsh, who was earlier presumed dead, sends her several videos which lead her to the grave of Sarah Stromberg, a journalism student at Metropolis University with whom Walsh was involved. Chloe finds out that Walsh, Donovan Jameson (head of Nu-Corp), and the late Dr. Stephen Hamilton all worked together on meteorite experiments. Chloe feels that Sarah Stromberg is a kindred spirit and resolves to get justice for her.

Chloe, with Pete as her camera crew, sneaks into Jameson's underground lab where Jameson explains that he has been experimenting on dead meteor freaks, including Sean Kelvin, Greg Arkin, and Tina Grier. While Jameson claims to have benevolent reasons for his research, Chloe finds videotape proof implicating Jameson in Sarah Stromberg's death after she got too close to revealing his experiments.

Walsh apparently knew about Jameson and confronted him about his involvement. It is implied that Jameson then murdered Walsh. When Jameson discovers the incriminating surveillance tape, he attacks Chloe. Exhibiting the same "jitters" as Earl Jenkins, Jameson then reveals he is in fact researching the meteor freaks in order to inherit their powers. Pete and Chloe flee from the murderous Jameson and Chloe throws a hydrogen tank at him to slow him down. Jameson's arm is vibrating too fast from the tremors and the tank explodes, killing him and setting the lab ablaze.

At the end of the Chronicles, Chloe and Pete flee the burning building only to get sidelined by Lionel Luthor's passing limousine. Realizing Lionel was funding Jameson from the beginning, Chloe vows to bring him down. Lionel responds with a veiled threat, but lets Chloe and Pete go when he realizes they have no evidence to implicate him. In the end, Chloe decides against revealing the details of Walsh's involvement with Nu-Corp and Sarah to protect his family. Nu-Corp collapses and Level 3 seemingly ceases to exist.

Vengeance Chronicles

In this spinoff of the Smallville episode "Vengeance", Chloe joins forces with a costumed vigilante whom she dubs the "Angel of Vengeance". In reality, it's her mild-mannered co-worker Andrea Rojas. Andrea killed the man who murdered her activist mother, and made an attempt on Lionel Luthor's life for his involvement in the crime. On the run, Andrea turns to Chloe for help when Lionel's newly reformed "Deletion Force" begins pursuing her relentlessly. Andrea Rojas is also the real name of Acrata, a DC Comics character with a different back story and different abilities. In addition, the Smallville Andrea mentions that her mother was part of an organization called Acrata.

The chronicles start off with Chloe at the Daily Planet, where she is aproached by Rojas, asking her for help. Rojas tells Chloe everything that happened (in "Vengeance") and how after, she gave up her mask after being on the run, and went home, though there were men waiting for her, who are out to get all super-powered people in Metropolis. A man with electric powers - Nick Yang, saves Rojas, and then after pursuing her, convinces her to follow him to safety, to the sewers, where Molly Griggs (Delete) is also hiding out.

There they explain that Lex Luthor has, rather than disband his father's project, he has expanded Level 3 into Level 33.1. It's a subproject using superpowered mutants to expand LuthorCorp's technology, including Griggs, Yang, Bart Allen (the future Flash in Run), and Mikhail Mxyzptlk (Jynx). Yang and Griggs had been tracking Rojas as they knew she would have been on the list. It is after this that Rojas, wanting to get a normal life back, aproaches Chloe for help - to expose Level 33.1.

Rojas, Yang and Griggs break into Lex's mansion, where Griggs begins work on her computer. However, Rojas begins to question what she is doing, and upon realizing that Griggs is installing another lethal program into his computer, she trys to stop them. Yang trys to prevent her, but has a change of heart and destroys the computer. Rojas and Chloe meet up on the rooftop of a building in Metropolis where she thanks her for being a good friend, and tells her that the Angel of Vengeance will continue. As a siren is heard in the background, Rojas leaps off the rooftop into the night.


All of the Smallville Chronicles series are available as extras on various season sets of DVDs. Although "Jitters" was a season one episode, the Chloe Chronicles are included in the season two box set. Chloe Chronicles, Vol II are included in the subsequent seasons' DVD set. The season four DVD release has no chronicles. The series DVD of season five, which includes the episode "Vengeance" has all the Vengeance Chronicles as special features. Smallville chronicles were also available online. They are sponsored by Acuvue contact lenses. Most of the episodes are a few minutes in length each. Smallville: Chloe Chronicles were originally released online through America Online, and later The WB website.

List of episodes

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Chloe Chronicles
Introduction [1]
Chronicle 1 [2]
Chronicle 2 [3]
Chronicle 3 [4]
Chronicle 4 [5]
Chloe Chronicles, Vol II
Chronicle 5 [6]
Chronicle 6 [7]
Chronicle 7 [8]
Vengeance Chronicles
Chloe [9]
Vengeance: Dark Hero [10]
Help from a Friend [11]
Yang [12]
33.1 [13]
The Mansion Dance [14]
A New Kinda Loft Scene [15]

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