Chloe Sullivan
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Classification Human
Affiliation The Daily Planet
Relatives Sam Lane, Lois Lane, Lucy Lane

Chloe Sullivan is one of Clark Kent's closest friends from the time he lived in Smallville. She's also Lois Lane's cousin, and has borrowed her cousin's name in the past. She is a Meteor Freak, and has served as a host to Brainiac for a time, temporarily gaining advanced technological abilities. For many years, she served as Clark's sidekick of sorts, using her amazing internet skills to help him solve mysteries and figure out how to overcome problems.

Chloe was first introduced in the pilot episode of the TV series Smallville, and remained a cast member on that series for 9 out of its ten seasons, and remained a recurring guest star for the tenth. She also starred in her own series of webisodes, the Chloe Chronicles. After a brief cameo in Superman: Secret Origin, she made her first full appearance in main comics continuity in Action Comics 893.

Modern Age Continuity


Chloe knew Pete Ross as a kid, and she signed his cast after Clark broke his arm during a sports game in Smallville. (Superman: Secret Origin)

Chloe made her first cameo in the comics continuity in this story, though she was not actually seen in the issue. Her name was seen signed on Pete's cast.

She reappeared as an adult, working as a reporter for the website Metropolitan. She won some awards for her "A week with ..."-stories. She was the girlfriend of Jimmy Olsen but she broke up with him after Superman left because he wasn’t the same person anymore. Sometime later she met Jimmy again during her work for the website. For one week, she’s at the side of Sebastien Mallory, the junior-executive of LexCorp and personal enemy of Jimmy.

After the arrival of the Dalwythian-Aliens, Chloe and Jimmy worked together to get some information about the race. At Cadmus Labs Chloe found out that every planet which the Dalwythian choose to be their partyhost, don't survive the experience. ("Jimmy Olsen's Big Week")


Chloe Sullivan, with Clark Kent, in Clark's barn.

In Smallville High School, Chloe ran The Torch, the school newspaper. There, she often reported on the many meteor freaks in the town, cataloging them on her "Wall of Weird". After graduating from high school, she was briefly a reported with the Daily Planet before getting fired. She also briefly ran the Isis Institute. ("Smallville, season 1"; "Smallville, season 2", etc.)

Throughout many of her adventures with Clark, she ran another series of video reports known as the Chloe Chronicles. ("Chloe Chronicles")

Before her husband Jimmy Olsen died, he gave her a loft overlooking the city, which she called Watchtower. From there, she could look out over the city. The loft was established as the home base for Clark and for the forming Justice League. ("Smallville, season 8")

She ends up falling in love with Olliver Queen, and the two get married and soon have a child, to whom Chloe tells Clark's story. ("Smallville, season 10")

She appears in the television series, Smallville, as well as in her own series of webisodes, the Chloe Chronicles.

Art Baltazar Continuity

Cloe, with Natasha and Jimmy.

Jimmy Olsen is seen hanging out with his female friends, one of whom is Cloe. She resembles Supergirl and so Jimmy suspects her to actually be Supergirl. (Superman Family Adventures: "The Adventures Begin")

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