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Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date November 13, 1994
Written by Gene Miller
Karen Kavner
Directed by Lorraine Senna Ferrara
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A scientist accidentally clones the DNA of Al Capone, and regenerates the gangster in present-day Metropolis. Capone forces the doctor to recreate John Dillinger and Bonnie and Clyde so that he can return to a life of crime. When Clark becomes involved, he is forced to fake his own death to preserve his true identity.


A scientist, Dr. Emil Hamilton, has devised a way to clone people and bring them back from the dead. He then starts cloning gangsters from the 1930s and 1940s such as Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger and Al Capone with others such as Baby Face Nelson, on the way. The unintended result of this is a new crime wave hitting Metropolis. Lois and Clark begin investigating what happens and are eventually led to a nightclub when Capone bursts in with some of his gang and announces they have taken over the bar. When Dillinger hits on Lois, Clark tries to protect her and Dillinger shoves him aside. When Clark moves again toward Dillinger, Clyde shoots him and Clark is forced to fall down and pretend to be dead or else reveal that he's Superman. Lois is grief stricken over Clark's apparent death and Capone orders the others to take Clark's body and dispose of it.

The next day, everyone at the Daily Planet is stunned by what happened. Perry White decides not to cancel the party celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the Daily Planet and tells Jimmy that by celebrating the paper, they celebrate Clark at the same time. Still having a newspaper to put out, Perry sends Jimmy down to the copy room in time to see a dazed Lois enter the newsroom. He tries to comfort her but to no avail. She believes that Clark died to protect her and he died before she could tell him how she really felt about him. Just then they are visited by Detective Wolf who has Lois sign her witness statement and assures Perry that they're working night and day on Clark's murder.

But at that moment, Clark is in Smallville at his parents' house telling them about what happened and how his life is over, just like that. Jonathan and Martha try to reassure him that he can still be part of their lives as Superman but Clark tells them how Superman doesn't go to baseball games with Perry and Jimmy or listen to Lois as she goes off on some tangent and how they all treat him differently as Superman. Martha tells him that right now though everyone in Metropolis is still in danger and that they need Superman. But Clark has no idea how to begin searching, only having a ticket stub from a movie that Dillinger dropped in their first encounter at a bank robbery. Jonathan tells Clark that that's how the police caught Dillinger before because Dillinger is a huge fan of movies.

With that information in hand, Clark flies back to Metropolis and Superman locates Dillinger coming out of a movie theater. When Superman lands in front of him, Dillinger wonders when people started flying and Superman assures him it was about the same time they started coming back from the dead and he wants to know where Capone's hideout is. But Dillinger won't talk and so to get his attention, Superman flies Dillinger up to the top of a nearby skyscraper and holds him on the edge threatening to throw him off if he doesn't talk. But Dillinger doesn't believe he would do that because good guys don't hurt people. Superman tells Dillinger that that was before Clark Kent, who was a very close friend of his, was murdered by their gang. So when Superman asks again Dillinger fakes memory loss so Superman tosses him off the building. As Dillinger falls screaming, Superman asks if he's remembered yet where Capone is and then at the last second, he flies down to the ground and catches Dillinger, telling Dillinger he's been known to miss. Dillinger then gleefully tells Superman all he wants to know. After handing Dillinger over to the police, Superman goes to Dr. Hamilton's lab and reads a manual on cryonics and leaves with a smile on his face.

At that same time Lois, having acquired an address that Wolf wrote on carbon paper, goes to it and finds Hamilton's lab with him being forced by Capone to recreate more of his old gang. Lois tries to get him out of there, but they are caught by the gang before they can leave. Capone and crew take Lois and Hamilton and put them in a fenced in area and pour concrete into the area with them. They are narrowly saved from death by Superman but Superman flies away before Lois can tell him about Capone's plans to crash the party at the Planet and kill everyone there. Just then, a figure walks out from the shadows and realizing it's Clark, Lois runs to him and grabs him in a huge bearhug. Clark tells Lois and Hamilton that Superman found his body, froze it, and then took it to Hamilton's lab and used Hamilton's notes on cryonics and so it's like Clark never died. Overjoyed that his work finally came to some good, Hamilton excuses himself and Lois and Clark head for the Daily Planet.

There, a very solemn celebration is underway when Capone and gang crash the party and prepare to shoot everyone but Superman gets there in time, catches all the bullets and crushes them. Everyone at the party attacks the gangsters then, Jimmy catches Clyde and punches him in the stomach and Lois catches Bonnie before she can leave and they fall into the huge cake for the party. Capone manages to get outside but is caught by Superman. He then reverts back to Clark and tells Perry and Jimmy how he "came back to life." Just then, they are met in the lobby by Dr. Hamilton who says that he destroyed his lab and burned all his notes. Detective Wolf takes him in for questioning but decides not to press charges. Lois offers Clark a ride home and she begins to tell Clark how she feels about him but he falls asleep before she can finish.


Main cast

Recurring role

  • Sal Viscuso as Bobby Bigmouth

Guest starring

  • William Devane as Al Capone
  • John Pleshette as Dr. Emil Hamilton
  • Joseph Gian as Clyde Barrow
  • Amy Hathaway as Bonnie Parker
  • Robert Clohessy as John Dillinger
  • Lonnie Burr as Morey
  • Ray Abruzzo as Detective Wolf