Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 3, Episode 7
Air date November 12, 1995
Written by Gene F. O'Neill
Noreen Tobin
Directed by Mike Vejar
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The latest use of red kryptonite by two scheming sisters, results in Clark's powers being transferred to Lois, forcing her to assume a costumed identity to deal with the problem.


After the events from "Don't Tug On Superman's Cape" Lois and Clark were welcomed back to the Daily Planet and a have a party in their honor.

Clark pulls out the engagement ring from his pocket that he hopes to give Lois

In Metropolis National Park, Newtrich sisters Lucille (Cheers' Shelley Long) and Nell (Mary Gross), decide to blast Superman with a Red Kryptonite Laser that will make him permanently apathetic so they can be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

At the Daily Planet, Clark receives a call of someone being trapped down a well, so he transforms into Superman and goes with Lois to investigate. When he arrives there he ends up rescuing a toy doll attached to cassette recorder playing sound effects.

It is really a trap set up by the Newtrich sisters who are there disguised as a news announcer and camera girl.

Nell prepares to fire the Kryptonite Laser beam which is concealed in an ordinary movie camera, but when Superman finds it being aimed at Lois, he gets in front of her to protect her.

The red beam is fired Superman while he is still in front of Lois, but the camera malfunctions burning Nell's hand and she drops it. Hastily, she and Lucille make their escape.

Lois seems very faint from the blast. Superman attempts to track them down, Lois follows him.

All of a sudden Superman tells Lois that he can't fly or has any of his superpowers, he asks Lois how she feels.

Lois assures him that she feels fine, but to her and Superman's surprise, when she attempts to open one of the gate doors, she wrenches it off it's hinges.

Lois is very scared by the sudden amazing strength she has, Superman tells her to keep calm and look for clues.

At their secret hideout, Lucille thinks their plan has failed, but Nell noticed that Superman never followed them so she assumes that when the beam hit him, it worked and arrange to set another trap for him.

In a forest clearing Clark tries to show Lois how to use her new powers, first the laser eyes, but Lois hits a dead stump rather than the glass bottles she chose as a target.

With her new Super hearing she hears someone driving a truck who is in trouble.

She speeds to the rescue and successfully stops it, but the driver almost knows that she saved him, until Superman shows up making him believe that he saved him.

Afterwards Superman feels that Lois should have a costumed identity, so he takes her to Jonathan and Martha Kent to help design it.

At the Daily Planet, Perry White finds a letter in his coat pocket saying that his wife Alice has left him. Clark and Jimmy try to comfort him, but then they get an anonymous phone call saying that a huge fire will spread to the Daily planet unless Superman shows up.

At the Kents' house Lois tries on her new outfit and shows it to the impressed Kents.

Outside the Daily Planet, Lucille and Nell are waiting for him amongst the crowd. Knowing that he has no powers Superman attempts to put out the fire with an ordinary blanket.

But at that moment someone with ice breath puts the fire out and the crowd look up to see a masked pink costumed figure floating in the sky.

The crowd are full of questions, but Superman introduces her as Ultra Woman from another part of the universe.

Perry wants to find out more about this strange superheroine and Jimmy has a crush on her.

After giving the laser camera to Dr Kline, Lois and Clark find out that the Newtrich sisters caused the whole thing and scan the computer to find out more about them.

Meanwhile Perry is in a very bad mood after reading the letter from Alice and starts snapping orders around.

Lois hears more people in trouble and sets off to find them. She finds out that having Super powers can be had to use when she continuosly gets messages from many locations at the same time.

Back in their secret hideout, the Newtrich know that Ultra Woman is in fact Lois Lane and that Superman's powers were transferred to her when the Kryptonite beam was fired.

They make a plan to lure Ultra Woman to them to steal the powers for themselves.

On his way home from the planet, Clark is beaten up by muggers, but the Newtrich sisters arrive, scare the muggers away and capture Clark.

They take him back to their hideout and tie him to a chair with a high voltage electrical bomb fitted with a timer unless Ultra Woman is called. They wait outside, but Clark manages to free himself from the chair just before the bomb goes off and quickly makes his escape with his hands still tied, while the Newtrichs enter and try to find him.

In the street Clark calls out to Lois who arrives, unties Clark and goes back with him to the Newtrich's hideout to find clues.

After finding out that they attempt to steal money from a chosen address, they attempt to locate and track them down.

Back at the Daily Planet, Lois receives another distress call, this time from Lucille and she races to the rescue with Clark following her.

After saving Lucille, Lois gets hit by another Kryptonite Laser beam in another weapon by Nell who had been hidden in place in the street corner.

Lucille picks Lois up to demonstrate her new Superpowers and attempts to kill Lois, but Clark distracts her and she ends up racing straight at Nell knocking them both into alley of rubbish.

Lucille seethes with fury and vows to kill Lois and Clark after they're rich and hurls Nell's Laser weapon into space so no one can change her back.

After a call from Dr Kline, Lois and Clark find out that the laser from the first weapon is almost ready and plan to set a trap for the sisters.

In a street corner, after knocking out security guards and wrenching the door of the bank van off, Lucille and Nell celebrate and count their money, but Lois in her Ultra Woman disguise arrives and tells them that she still has all her powers.

Lucille rushes towards her and sees that Lois has fear in her eyes.

She asks Nell to pick up a gun from one of the guards and shoot Lois, Nell hesitates.

Superman arrives by taxi with the Laser camera in his hand, Lucille blows him down.

Lois takes a lid from one of the dustbins and hurls it at Nell knocking her to the ground.

Superman then reflects a beam of light in Lucille's face from one of the taxi mirrors temporarily blinding her and runs to her, but Lucille recovers and grabs Superman by the collar preparing to kill him.

Nell fires the gun at him, but at the same moment Lois turns on the Kryptonite beam just in time, transferring Lucille's powers back to Superman.

Superman lifts Lucille up to see if his powers are restored and hurls the camera into space.

The police arrive and the two sisters are taken off to prison, while Superman and Lois fly away.

At the Daily Planet Lois reveals that Ultra Woman has left Earth for good and that she thought Jimmy was cute.

Perry tells them that Alice got tired of being second to his career at the Daily Planet and wants a divorce.

Lois finds Clark's engagement ring and the two go to the fountain where Clark proposed to her before in the episode: "And The Answer Is." Now that Lois knows the pressures of having Superpowers, she allows Clark to put the ring on her finger and agrees to marry him.


Main cast

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  • Lawrence A. Mandley as Husband
  • Evie Peck as Woman
  • Thomas Rosales as Thug
  • Hal Havins as Driver

Production details

  • Shelley Long and Mary Gross previously starred together in the 1989 comedy Troop Beverly Hills.


  • Shelley Long is best known for playing Diane Chambers in the TV comedy series Cheers and it's spin off Frasier.