Lois & Clark:
The New Adventures of Superman
Season 4, Episode 14
Air date March 2, 1997
Written by Tim Minear
Directed by Jim Pohl
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Under the new identity of 'John Doe', Tempus is running for President, and only Lois and Clark know the truth about him.


Clark dreams about Lois drifting further and further away from him and being taken by someone in the shadows from a mysterious window.

He wakes up to find Lois downstairs going through insurance forms and the two share a bit of passion.

In the Metropolis asylum for the insane, Tempus is being interviewed by a psychiatrist and says that a timekeeper from the future will take him back to Utopia for crimes he commited in various time zones.

He strikes him down and says he will have everything he wants: World conquest and as a bonus the destruction of Superman.

The Time Keeper (Andrus) arrives through a time window like the one in Clark's dream and places a double of Tempus in his place.

Unfortunately Tempus knocks him out and takes control of the window, while the psychiatrist watches in disbelief.

A homeless man walks around with a wheelbarrow and sees Tempus (Now dressed in a suit) emerge from the time window and place a poster over President Garner's saying: "Doe for President."

At the Daily Planet, Perry is anxious to find out who John Doe is and send Lois and Clark to investigate.

Later in a control centre, a security guard sees Tempus install a mind controlling device from the future called a subliminator.

Tempus says that he can "implant subliminal messages into the feeble minds of the masses, thereby controlling the collective will"

The security guard tries to call the police but Tempus using his secret subliminator microphone brainwashes him into jumping out the window.

Superman saves him, but the security guard doesn't remember a thing.

Tempus who plans to use cheating to run for President starts sending a subliminal message across Metropolis stating: "John Doe is a Darn Nice Guy."

Everybody including Lois is brainwashed by the message, but Clark is not so sure and after seeing Tempus outside the hotel hoping to see this "John Doe", both he and Lois recognise him at once.

They go to the asylum and see Tempus' strange double, they then see Barrett another prisoner who says that he saw the time window, but after saying that he is Superman, Lois and Clark aren't so sure.

They finally interview Tempus at his presidential suite, Clark tells Tempus that he resembles "a nihilistic sociopath who will do anything to quench his bitter thirst for power." But Tempus responds by threatening to reveal Superman's identity.

The homeless man who saw Tempus shouts out how evil he is, but is killed by a gun by Tempus from his limo.

At the time of the election Lois and Clark are the only ones at Garner's election party, because all the others still brainwashed by Tempus have voted for him, even Garner voted against himself.

Later the news announcer reveals that "John Doe" has won the election.

Lois and Clark are still puzzled at how Tempus is gaining so many votes.

Tempus is found by Andrus, he tries to escape in the time window again, but finds Andrus has deactivated it.

Andrus then tells Tempus that the other one has been coded so only he can operate it.

Tempus ties him up and steals the time window.

Clark is still having his nightmares about Lois, this time with Tempus appearing from the window.

Tempus continues to humiliate Superman by policeman letting criminals go free and him not being allowed to use his powers.

He sends Lois a message to drive her car off a cliff, but Superman rescues her, Lois has no idea what she has done.

Superman goes back to Tempus' suite and grabs him by the throat, but with his assistant Randolph standing there, he lets him go with a warning to leave Lois alone or he will see "his ethics disappear".

Later Andrus who has escaped from Tempus goes to Clark and Lois' house and asks Superman to come with him to Utopia to help bring Tempus to Justice.

Superman agrees and they both go to Tempus' suite, but Lois finds out that Tempus released the double and runs to the suite also.

Andrus finds out that that the double has been posted through the window instead of Tempus. Knowing that no one can touch the window but Andrus, Tempus touches it while Superman is still in it, making it start to malfunction.

Lois arrives just as Tempus is doing it and tries to save him, but Tempus stops her.

The time window lurches backwards and explodes in a flash.

Tempus gets up from the place where he fell during the action and laughing evilly leaves the room.

Lois turns to Andrus hoping to get some help, but Andrus suddenly disappears, saying it has wiped out his existence.

Lois looks in the direction where the time window vanished and shouts Clark's name in bitter tears.



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