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Golden Age
Duration 1938-1955

Additions to the Superman Mythos

Krypton, Kryptonians, Kryptonian Powers, Kal-El, Clark Kent, Daily Star, Lois Lane, Luthor, Jor-El, Lara Lor-Van, Eben Kent/Jon Kent, Mary Kent, Mxyzptlk, Prankster

Subtractions from the Superman Mythos

Superman's telepathic powers, Superman as a supervillain

Superman's Power Level

High. Able to fly; has withstood universe ending attacks; could run and fly much faster than the speed of light. At the beginning he was very weak, he started becoming more powerful after the 40's cartoon, and when he reappeared during Crisis on Infinite Earths he was on par with silver age Superman.

Regular Superman Comic Series

Action Comics, Superman

Previous era

see: Reign of the Superman and The Superman.

Next era

Silver Age

The Golden Age is a common term describing an era of comics beginning in 1938, when Superman made his first comic book debut. The end of this era is vague and nonspecific but it is generally agreed that by the mid-1950s, the Silver Age had begun.

The Superman stories in this era are characterized by their everyday plots dealing with gangsters, criminals, corrupt politicians, and the like, rather than the supervillains and aliens that would come to be common in later eras. For much of this era, Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster were still directly involved in the Superman comics in one way or another, though the presence of other writers and artists was increasing.