Debut Superboy #14 (November 2012)
Created by Scott Lobdell, Mike Johnson and Tom DeFalco
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Krypton
Relatives Jor-El (adoptive father), Lara (adoptive mother), Kal-El/Superman (adoptive brother), Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (adoptive cousin)
Abilities Kryptonian Powers

H'El was an Kryptonian space explorer who worked for Jor-El and Lara. H'El loved the two dearly as if they were his own parents. When Jor-El became aware of Krypton's impending destruction, he constructed a prototype spaceship and tasked H'El to protect Krypton's history and knowledge among the stars.

However, the journey was a dangerous one. H'El survived many dangers and reached Earth, twenty-seven years after Kal-El, the son of Jor-El, had arrived.

Resolving to save Krypton, H'El believed that Superman could help him, so he began watching him and everyone close to him, such as Superboy, a Kryptonian-human clone; and Supergirl, Superman's cousin.

Initially, he has a small encounter with Superboy, observing him from afar. Recognizing that Superboy is not a full Kryptonian, H'El intends to exterminate him after he meets Superman. He also watches Superman's fight with a tripodal curiosananium, a Kryptonian animal.

Later, he attacks Superboy in New York City. As clone were outlawed in Krypton, H'El believes Superboy to be an abomination. Despite the Teen Titans' intervention, H'El easily defeats them and escapes with the unconscious Superboy, believing him to be useful to his plan.

Later, he confronts Supergirl at the surface of the Sun. He explains that he is on a mission to bring Krypton back to life and asks for her help. Supergirl is unsure and asks if they should include Kal-El in this. H'El believed that Kal-El had been corrupted by Earth's ways, however, he still sees him as his "little brother" and is not willing to give up on him. Granting Supergirl the ability to speak English, he sends her to bring Kal-El to him.

Superman and Supergirl meet H'El on the Metropolis Centennial Park, where H'El explains his mission and attempts to convince Superman to join him. However, Superman refuses to believe H'El's story. He then tries to prove his loyalty to the House of El by killing the unconscious Superboy. Superman attempts to stop it and a fight breaks out between the two. Supergirl and a recovered Superboy attempt to stop them, but H'El brutally knock's them out. He even uses a mental illusion to make Kara believed Superman attacked him. After defeating Superman, H'El leaves Metropolis to continue his plan.Later on H'El Attacks Superman and Superboy at the Fortress of Solitude and knock's them into space,then he reprograms the fortress to keep Superman and superboy out.

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