Htrae, also known as Bizarro World.

Htrae (sometimes called Bizarro World or Bizarro-Earth) is a completely cube-shaped planet which is considered to be an 'imperfect' copy of Earth. It is the home of Bizarro and all the other Bizarros, as well as Zibarro; In many ways it is much like earth other than its shape and the culture of the native Bizarro people.

It was created specifically as a home for the Bizarros, and they have adopted it and continued to live there (for the most part) peacefully. In one story arc it was destroyed by its founder, Bizarro, not out of malice but an attempt to replicate the destruction of Krypton. This enrages Superman, who confronts Bizarro to make him face responsibility for what he had done and get to the bottom of this, however Bizarro dies immediately thereafter.

Bizarro World originally appeared in the silver-age Superman comic books, and has since appeared in one form or another in many versions of the Superman mythos.


Little is known of the geography of Bizarro World; However, from above all the landforms appear to be identical to those on earth, only spread out over a cubical surface rather than a round one.


The Bizarros are a race of people who are imperfect duplicates of Humans and Kryptonians. Many of them, including the original Bizarro, are duplicates of Superman. Because of the dupication, the original Bizarro has dubbed himself "Bizarro #1", while the others are often called Bizarro-Supermen. Many of the females are duplicates of Lois Lane and have no superpowers. However, one Bizarro female that does have superpower is "Wonderzarro", a clone of Wonder Woman (although her strength and intelligence are considerably lower than Wonder Woman's).

All Bizarros have chalky-white skin but other than that, resemble the person they were duplicated from; They also share that person's memories and feelings, however they lack the clarity of mind to be able to function or act as the original would, or even as a citizen within Human society. A Bizarro bond trader, who was cloned from a Wall Street banker, sold Bizarro bonds which were "guaranteed to lose money!" Other famous humans were also Bizarro cloned, such as a Bizarro Marylin Monroe, who is popular amongst Bizarro men as "the ugliest woman on Htrae".

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