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Kryptonian Powers refers to the powers and abilities held by Kryptonians beyond those of normal humans. Most of these powers are gained from exposure to a Yellow or Blue Star through a process known as the Photonucleic Effect, in which the cells of a Kryptonian creature are altered by certain types of electromagnetic radiation.

Though all versions of Kryptonians are much more powerful than a mere human, their power level has fluctuated over the decades. When first introduced, Kryptonians couldn't even fly but only leap and didn't have many powers besides superhuman physicality. This changed towards the end of the Golden Age and by the Silver Age, Kryptonians were virtually unbeatable, being living Gods in our solar system. By 1986, Kryptonians were still a force to be reckoned with but they were much weaker in terms of power.

However, in certain versions, Kryptonian powers are explained as being gained due to Earth's lighter gravity, or centuries of evolution and genetic alterations on Krypton.

This article also pertains to Daxamites' powers, as they share the same abilities as Kryptonians.

Known Kryptonian Powers