Laurel Kent
Debut Superboy #217 (1976)
Created by Jim Shooter, Mike Grell
AKA Elna
Classification Kryptonian/Human
Affiliation Legion of Super-Heroes
Relatives Kal-El (ancestor)
Abilities Super strength, superhuman agility, superhuman reflexes, super speed, x-ray vision, telescopic and microscopic vision, super hearing, heat vision, freeze breath, super breath, sonic scream, flight and Invulnerability

Laurel Kent is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in Pre-Crisis continuity. She is a descendant of Superman and his unnamed future wife, retaining some Kryptonian invulnerability.

Superboy meets her in 2976, in a story titled "Future Shock for Superboy". While on his way to a Legionnaires meeting, Superboy saves her from being hit by a train. Worried about revealing anything to Superboy about his future, she introduces herself as "Elna" (an anagram for Lane). The two share an attraction, and Superboy sets out to find her after his meeting. After a mix-up during a training simulation with Wildstorm, she reveals that she closely resembles Superboy's future wife.

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