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Lenny Luthor
Debut Superman IV: The Quest for Peace
Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
Portrayed by see In other media
Classification Human
Relatives see Luthor Family

Lenny Luthor is Lex Luthor's nephew. He helped Luthor get out of jail, and served as his assistant for a time, although Lex considered him incompetent. During Lex's grandoise ideas, Lenny thought he was being witty, such as when they case a museum to rob an exhibit of Superman's hair which was able to hold a half-ton weight, Lenny says they "could make a flying toupee" from it. He helped Lex create Nuclear Man. In the end, when Lex was captured and returned to prison, Superman figured Lenny was led astray by Lex. He deposits Lenny in Boys' Town.

Appearances: (Superman IV: The Quest for Peace)]