Look up in the sky: the Amazing Story of Superman is a documentry on the history of Superman. it starts off showing the 2 creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Explaining how the world wide depression and the hard ships of creating and bringing Superman to the public.

As the story goes on, they tell the many different forms in which superman is brought top life and has live interviews and deaths of many superman actors. Superman is shown as an icon and a symbol of world peace. they show the comics and the tv shows and the many movies that were successful and not successful. in the start, superman was bad, but after the first issue, they decided that they should create some one who is a force of good and not evil. from there on superman was created. Jerry and Joe also had trouble publishing superman as many people thought that it would not be an interest. but finally, they got there scoop by Action Comics. The comic was a big hit and had a great start. Action Comics decided to make a big step and publish a comic all about superman. Detective Comics, later to be called DC comics, bought and sold the first comic with them.

As the story goes on, they explain that a man and his father, both producers, had said" why don't we make Superman". They hired someone to write the script, but they didn't like it. So they called Mario Puzo, who had written their previous movies had written the script and they loved it. they edited it and had many donations, they made preparations to make Superman the movie. They wanted to have an unknown for the role of Superman. they screen tested many applicants but eventually chose Christopher Reeve.