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Lyla Lerrol
Debut Superman #141 (Nov. 1960)
Created by Jerry Siegel and Wayne Boring
Classification Kryptonian
Affiliation Film Career

Lyla Lerrol (or sometimes spelled Lyla Ler-Rol) was an emotion-actress on the planet Krypton before its destruction, one of the most popular such actresses on the planet. She was also a love interest of Superman and one of several characters with the initials of LL. She appeared in some stories in the Silver Age Superman comic books, the first being Superman #141 (Nov. 1960) "Superman's Return to Krypton".

Pre-Crisis Continuity

Superman met her when he traveled back in time and visited Krypton. The two fell passionately in love, and planned marriage. However, their romance was doomed to end with the destruction of the planet, and Superman returned to his own time and to Lois. (Superman: "Return to Krypton")

Modern Age Continuity

Modern Age Lyla ascends out of Kandor.

This was a Kandorian Lyla, who lived with an amnesiac Superman as his wife. Actually, she was an alien empath who had wiped his memory and brought him down into Kandor, as part of a scheme to ascend to his world.

She was finally able to drain her "husband"'s powers and use them to escape Kandor, which she considered to be ascending to the realm of the gods. She then atempted to conquer Earth. Superman escaped, however, and defeated her. (Superman: "Superman: Godfall")

New 52 Continuity

Lyla was an actress. As of the date that Kandor was attacked by Brainiac, she had become controversial for a nude scene in one of her new movies. (Superman: "World Against Superman")