Mars is another planet within Earth's solar system which is the home planet for the Martians. Mars was destroyed because of the war; just like the war on Krypton.

Reign of the Superman History

The Superman witnessed a battle between two aliens on Mars using his Telescopic Vision, as one of his first experiments with the power. ("Reign of the Superman")

Pre-Crisis/Pre-Zero Hour History

By the 31st Century, there was a great city on Mars, known as Mars City. The city was protected by an impenetrable dome. There was a miniature version of it on display in Metropolis on Earth. ("Supergirl's Greatest Challenge!")

New 52 History

A colony had been set up on Mars by 2012, and Metaleks attacked it, converting it to spare metal in their attempt to convert it into a new home for the dead race that had built them. Superman saved the colonists and forged peace between them and the Metaleks, but the colony was soon attacked by the Multitude. Superman fought them off. ("Mission to Mars")

Last Days of Krypton History

Jor-El observed this planet as it was dying, prior to the destruction of Krypton. (Novel: "The Last Days of Krypton")

Known Inhabitants

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Post-Crisis Continuity

The planet was previously inhabited by two races of martians, the White Martians and the Green Martians, both of whom are now extinct except for a few survivors like Martian Manhunter.

New 52 Continuity

There is a human colony on the planet as of 2012. ("Mission to Mars")