Matt Crowley (1904-1983) was a radio actor who played Batman on The Adventures of Superman for most of its run, from 1945 through the late 1940s. He also doubled in other roles, as rogues and allies. In "The Atom Man" storyline alone, Crowley played the evil Der Teufel, Inspector Henderson, and Superman's scientist friend Dr. Millikon (often as two of the above within the same episode).

Crowley's radio credits included the title characters in several comics adaptations, including Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (in the mid 1930s), Dick Tracy (a role also played by Ned Wever), Jungle Jim (from 1935-1938), and Mark Trail (opposite radio's Robin, Ronald Liss). In soap operas, he played protagonist Dr. Jim Brent on Road of Life (1937-1938), John Perry on John's Other Wife and narrated Pretty Kitty Kelly (with Bud Collyer as the male love interest). Other radio credits included Perry Mason (as investigator Paul Drake) and appearances on Best Plays, the historical docudrama You Are There, and the science-fiction anthologies Dimension X and X-Minus One.

On stage, Crowley was in the original Broadway cast of The Front Page (1929), later playing the lead role of Walter Burns in an early TV play version (1945). Other TV work included appearances on The Patty Duke Show, The Naked City, and Car 54, Where Are You?

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