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The Omegahedron

The Omegahedron is one of two great power-sources vital to Argo City. Along with its partner, the Alphahedron, the Omegahedron powers the entire city, its devices and provides its people with light, heat, air, and all the things necessary to survive. While on the surface the Omegahedron seems to create life, it only creates the appearance of life, a ‘fancy shadow of the real thing.’ Human science cannot explain how the Omegahedron works, in fact compared to our present technology it is indistinguishable from magic. However, based on close observation, the abilities listed below can be attributed to the device, though it may have additional powers we have yet to define. They are:

  • to generate unlimited energy.
  • to power devices on Earth such as cars, telephones, lights etc…
  • to convert energy to matter, and matter to energy.
  • convert one form of energy into another (potential energy into kinetic, etc.)
  • to re-arrange matter on a subatomic level.
  • to manipulate and control human biology.
  • to enable travel between dimensions.
  • to manipulate all forms of energy such electricity, magnetism, light, gravity, etc….

With these abilities, the wicked sorceress Selena was able to create fire from her fingertip, teleport Ethan from place to place, appear out of nowhere (either through teleportation or having been invisible), summon an invisible construct of her will, animate and control a bulldozer, cause Ethan to love her, banish Supergirl to the Phantom Zone, remotely view people and activities in her mirror from a faraway distance, and conjure material things out of thin air to name a few.

In addition, the Omegahedron seems to have the capacity to interface with the human mind and respond to human thoughts. A person is able to either mentally or verbally express their desires to the Omegahedron and it will comply with that person's intent in accordance with that individual’s concept of reality. The Omegahedron seems to be limited only by the imagination of the person who wields its power. ("Supergirl")