Superman Wiki
Debut Superman: The Movie
Created by Tom Mankiewicz
Portrayed by Ned Beatty
Classification Human
Affiliation LexCorp

Otis was one of Lex Luthor's henchmen, usually portrayed as bumbling and stupid. He first appeared in Superman: The Movie, and its sequel, Superman II. He was later reimagined in the TV cartoon Young Justice.

Superman: The Movie

Otis Lex newpaper.jpg

Otis is Luthor's bumbling fat henchman in the first Superman movie. He is first seen getting a paper for his boss then returning to Luthor's underground lair and Luthor tells him he was followed again (which could mean either Otis is a wanted criminal himself or the police realize he is connected to Luthor). He participates in Luthor's interception of the US Army and US Navy nuclear warheads. He is then seen with Luthor when Superman arrives and when Luthor tells Superman his plan and is annoyed that Otis wanted a place named after him called "Otisburg" in Luthor's new city. He is then seen with Lex watching the missiles launch only to find Miss Teschmacher has double crossed them and helped Superman. He is last seen at the end of the film when he and his boss are carried to prison by Superman and are walked off to their cells while Luthor claims he'll have revenge while Otis repeats what he says but Lex tells him to shut up. ("Superman: The Movie")

Otis returns in Superman II but with a much smaller role. He is still Luthor's henchman in prison and is still as idiotic as before. After Luthor distracts the guards with holograms of himself and Otis playing chess they are greeted by Miss Teschmacher who is in a hot air balloon and throws a ladder to them and Lex climbs up but when Otis tries too his weight pulls the balloon down so Lex cuts the rope and Otis falls to the ground and is cornered by the police and is once again captured while Lex and Miss Teschmacher float away to safety. It is unknown what became of Otis after this but he was likely transported to another prison to prevent another escape attempt and to separate him from Lex. Later, Miss Teschmacher scolds Lex for his betrayal of Otis. Otis is played by actor Ned Beatty (Well known for roles such as Lotso in Toy Story 3).

Young Justice

Otis, intercepting Roy Harper.

Otis was one of Luthor's henchmen. He appeared to be one of Luthor's security staff. When the original Roy Harper came for revenge on Luthor, Otis called to see that Luthor was secure. Later, he was in charge of the team that arrived to save Luthor from Harper. ("Satisfaction")

Otis, though having a different physical appearance from his movie counterpart, maintained a similar voice.

Superman Family Adventures

Otis becomes the Parasite.

Otis was Lex Luthor's henchmen. When Luthor caught a strange purple meteor, Luthor instructed Otis to dispose of it, but Otis kept it and it transformed him into a life-draining purple monster. When he accidentally stole Superman's power, he labeled himself the Purple Superman, although Lois and Jimmy preferred to call him simply the Parasite. (Superman Family Adventures)


Otis appeared in an episode of Hanna-Barbera's animated series Superfriends, which found Lex Luthor teaming up with a race of sun-creatures to change the sun from yellow to red. Otis's name was changed to "Oliver Gump", although he had one memorable line when Luthor was explaining his plot: "I get it - then, while Superman's painting the sun yellow again, we take over! Right?"


Otis Graves.

Otis appears in the fourth season of Supergirl. Here his full name is Otis Graves, and he is the brother, right-hand man and enforcer of Mercy Graves.


Otis is an idiotic fat man with no real intelligence or strength and is pretty much Luthor's guinea pig. Though no matter how much Luthor abuses or insults him Otis remains loyal to him even when they were in prison. He refers to Lex as "Mr. Luthor" as another sign of respect towards his boss. He loves to eat which would explain his heavy weight. According to Luthor the number 200 is great because it's his IQ and the weight of Otis.