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Perry White
Perry white jo22.jpg
Debut radio: "Clark Kent, Reporter" (1939)
comics: Superman #7 (1940)
Created by George Ludlam
Portrayed by see In other media
AKA "Chief"
Classification Human
Affiliation The Daily Planet
Relatives Alice White, Jerry White

Perry White is the Editor-in-Chief of the Metropolis newspaper the Daily Planet. White maintains very high journalistic standards. He is an archetypal image of the tough, irascible but fair-minded boss. He was created specifically for The Adventures of Superman radio series, beginning with the 1939 audition records (and with radio actor Julian Noa playing the role from then until the end of the series in 1951).

According to comic-book continuity, White was an award-winning journalist who served a term as Mayor of Metropolis (an event which first happened on radio). He worked as an assistant editor on the Metropolis Daily Star under George Taylor before becoming editor of the Planet.


White is a tough, cigar-smoking boss with strict ideas about how his employees should operate.

George Taylor

In the golden age comics, the character was known as George Taylor, the editor of the Daily Star.

However, in the Adventures of Superman radio show, the name was changed to Perry White.

In modern-age comics continuity, George Taylor is a separate person, the editor of the Daily Star, which is a competing Metropolitan newspaper.

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