Rao-orthodox Religion, also known as Raoism for short, is the primary religion of Krypton and New Krypton. Adherents of this religion worship the god Rao, which is based on the planet Krypton's sun. The religion also includes a pantheon of 14 major dieties, 203 demigods, and over 1000 Titans. The religion's main sacred text is the Book of Rao, which contains a wealth of religious and historical information.


While Rao is the main god of the religion, others have been shown to exist. According to the Book of Rao, there are 14 major dieties. These are likely to include Nightwing, Flamebird, Vohc, and more.


Most Kryptonians are believed to have some degree of belief in Raoism. Even Superman, raised on Earth and attending Christian church, exhibited some Raoist habits, such as his famous exclamation of "Great Rao!".

The Religious Guild delve deep into the religion, and are among the most devout followers of Raoism. They wear glowing masks to remove the appearance of individuality and make them appear as extensions of their gods' will.

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