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Smallville is the most recent live-action Superman television series. It is a one-hour, prime-time drama, which chronicles the adventures of a young Clark Kent and his journey to becoming Superman.

The show pits Clark against numerous Meteor Freaks, who are teenagers mutated by Kryptonite into weak Supervillains. Additionally, Clark meets many of his future nemeses for the first time.

Smallville Pilot Trailer

Smallville Pilot Trailer

"Pilot" trailer.

The show originally focused heavily on Clark's struggling romance with Lana Lang and friendship with Lex Luthor.

Two new main characters are introduced to the Superman mythos in the show: Chloe Sullivan, Clark's sidekick-of-sorts, and Lionel Luthor, Lex's rich and powerful father. Although Lex Luthor's father had previously appeared in the comics, this was the first time his character was fully fleshed out and given the name Lionel.

Later through the course of the series 10-year run, More prominent figures from The Superman mythology appeared such as Lois Lane, Perry White, Jimmy Olsen, Supergirl, Connor Kent, etc... as well as famous Super-villains the likes of Doomsday, General Zod, Brainiac, Metallo, and Darkseid just to name a few . In addition various heroes from the DCU also appeared. The series wrapped up it's ten year run with the appearance of Superman saving the planet from the Apokolips.

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Smallville Season 1-10 DVD Intros

Smallville Season 1-10 DVD Intros

  • Season 1 - Introduces Clark Kent and and his friends (Pete Ross and Chloe Sullivan) and parents, his situation in Smallville involving his discovery of his alien heritage and his arrival during the meteor shower of 1989. It focuses on his friendship with future enemy Lex Luthor and his romance with childhood crush Lana Lang. Clark already has super-strength and speed at the start of the series but also discovers his first extra power of X-Ray Vision. Clark also discovers he has a weakness to the meteor rocks (aka Kryptonite) scattered around the town.
  • Season 4 - Introduces Lois Lane for the rest of the series. Clark encounters a new hero Bart Allen also known as Impulse, Clark discover the crystal of knowledge which leads him to the arctic after stoping a second meteor shower. Also Clark's other friend Chloe Sullivan finds out about Clarks secret.
  • Season 6 Introduces The Phantom Zone, Phantom wraths, the debut of Oliver Queen aka: Green Arrow into the series. Clark's first team up with the Justice League and an encounter with Martian Manhunter.
  • Season 8 - Lana and Lex have left, and it takes place more in Metropolis now. Clark works at The Daily Planet alongside Lois, The news becomes aware of an anonymous hero known only as the Red-Blue Blur saving people while a threat of a serial killer known as Doomsday is also at large plaguing the city.
  • Season 9 - Introduces a younger Zod, a clone from his time as a Major. The S-Shield featured more prominently in this season including on Clark's chest. Clark adopts a black outfit, calling himself simply The Blur.
  • Season 10 - The final season of Smallville. This season features the return of Lex Luthor, as well as the appearance of Darkseid. Chloe Sullivan is no longer a regular in this season, appearing only as a recurring guest star. And the real Superman costume finally appears.
  • Season 11 - A 2012 comic book continuation of the TV series.

Other Media


Upon Smallville's launch, a series of paperback novels was launched, along with a series of young adult novels. These stories chronicled some of Clark's adventures that took place during the first few seasons. Both series died out before too long. See Smallville novels for information on both series.

Comic Books

Addtionally, there have been comic book adaptations of Smallville. During the first few seasons, a comic series simply titled 'Smallville' ran stories taking place concurrently with the show. It also had special features, like episode guides and interviews with the actors.

Additionally, one online comic story was made in conjunction with Stride Gum, entitled Smallville: Visions.

After the show's final season ended, Smallville Season 11, a new regular comic series, continued the story from the TV series.


Chloe Sullivan had her own live-action series of webisodes, called the Chloe Chronicles, which tied in with current episodes of Smallville. The series was later renamed the Vengeance Chronicles.

Smallville JusticeDoom

Smallville: Justice & Doom

Additionally, there were a few different web cartoon series. One series was an animated comic book featuring the Justice League, Smallville Legends: Justice & Doom. There was a series based on the character of Green Arrow/Oliver Queen from the show, "Oliver Queen Chronicles". Kara Zor-El also got her own webseries, Smallville Legends: Kara and the Chronicles of Krypton, which expanded on her origins.


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