This article contains a biography of Superman's incarnation in the New 52 DC Universe. It should be noted that this article only uses the comics as a canonical sources. Information taken from television programs, movies or video games will be considered as non-canon.

Babyhood on Krypton

Superman was born to Lara Lor-Van and Jor-El, a famous scientist who had predicted the planet's impending doom. Lara took the baby and fled the city of Kandor upon Jor-El's warnings -- Brainiac was invading. He soon bottled the city. However, Lara and Kal-El got out in time. (Superman: "World Against Superman")

Early Appearances in Metropolis

Superman, as he appeared in his early days in Metropolis.

Superman first appeared in metropolis, wearing a costume that was little more than a blue T-Shirt with an S-shield, a pair of jeans, and a red cape. He was able to leap great distances and had the strength to hurl trucks around. (Superman: "Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow")

Six months later, his powers had already increased, enough to worry Lex Luthor and General Sam Lane, who began to enact a plan to imprison him. He had been given the name Superman by Lois Lane and the Daily Planet. Luthor enacted a plan to derail a fast train, which Superman attempted to catch. However, the train pinned him against a wall, knocking him unconscious. (Superman: "Superman Versus the City of Tomorrow")

Following Superman's escape, police raided his apartment while he was at home, meeting Kent's sarcasm. Finding nothing, they left. Meanwhile, protestors demonstrated against Superman's actions. As Clark began to lose faith in his identity as Superman, Brainiac was preparing to attack Metropolis. He seized control of John Corben via the metallic armored suit he was wearing. (Superman: "World Against Superman")

Brainiac finally attacked the city, using both Corben and an army of Terminauts which he had created from Earth machinery. Superman fought against the machines, destroying a number of them. He was also attacked by Corben, who he battled until a new hero, Steel, appeared and took over the fight against Corben. Superman was unable to stop Brainiac from bottling a portion of the city, however. (Superman: "Superman and the Men of Steel")

Present Day - Destruction of the Daily Planet

Superman, in his new costume, lifts the Daily Planet globe through a flaming Metropolis.

Superman was upset at the destruction of the historical Daily Planet building in favor of the newer, larger building. After the demolition, Metropolis was attacked by a flame being, which seemed to be whispering the word "Krypton". Superman hurled the globe from the defunct Daily Planet at the creature, defeating it.

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