Instances in which Superman has died, was believed to have died, or his death was advertised. Includes hoaxes, faked deaths, reported deaths, states of hibernation that mimicked death, and other related brushes with mortality.

In other media

  • Superman suffers defeat during a battle with Zod, Ursa, and Non in Superman II. Proclaiming, "they killed Superman", citizens take up arms to avenge his death against the Kryptonian criminals.
  • Superman is seemingly vaporized in the Justice League Unlimited episode "Hereafter". Although he's actually been transported into Earth's distant future, he's declared dead and a funeral is held for him.
  • Superman flatlines in Superman Returns after hurling an island laced with Kryptonite into space.
  • Superman is impaled through the chest by one of Doomsday's bony protrusions in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. A funeral for Clark Kent follows, his body laid to rest in Smallville.

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