Superman Doomed

Cover to the Superman: Doomed special

Superman: Doomed is a New 52 story arc appearing in issues of Action Comics, Superman, Batman/Superman, Superman/Wonder WomanSupergirl, and two "Doomed" specials.

The story arc features the return of Doomsday, much evolved since his last meeting with Superman.

Following some preludes and the first special, the story is divided into "chapters", with each chapter covering a few issues.



Superman is infected with the Doomsday virus and is slowly turning into something like Doomsday himself. As the virus progresses, Superman's darker side comes out, causing him to become more violent and aggressive.

"Enemy of the State"

As a result of his infection, public fear and distrust of the Man of Steel increases, making him the enemy of the state.


This story is Doomsday's first direct appearance in the New 52 reboot of Superman, which apparently restarted Superman's story from scratch. This would also likely remove Doomsday's history from continuity.

However, it has been implied that the events of "The Death of Superman", at least in some form, did occur in the past of the New 52. In the Action Comics story arc "At the End of Days", the golden Superman statue erected following the Death of Superman is seen, albeit wearing Superman's New 52 armor. Lois says that the statue reminds her of the day Superman died... which they called Doomsday.

Also, when Doomsday appears out of the Phantom Zone and attacks Wonder Woman in early issues of Superman/Wonder Woman, superman recognizes her description of the monster and is aware that it's in the Phantom Zone. He also states that it's a monster from his past.


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