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Superman: Doomsday
Released September 18, 2007
Directed by Bruce Timm, Lauren Montgomery, Brandon Vietti
Written by Duane Capizzi, Bruce Timm
Music by Robert Kral
Duration 78 min
Studio Warner Bros. Animation
Rated PG-13
Revenue $9,441,983
Superman Doomsday.jpg

Superman: Doomsday is the name of a 2007 direct-to-DVD animated movie featuring Superman. It is loosely based on the The Death of Superman story arc in the comic books, in which Doomsday kills Superman.


Lex Luthor's mining project accidentally unearths an alien spacecraft buried deep beneath the Earth, which contains Doomsday. The monster breaks free and begins rampaging.

Superman battles Doomsday, and the two kill each other. However, Luthor is able to clone the Man of Steel from his dead body, creating a new Superman that he can control.

Meanwhile, the real Superman's body is recovered by the Fortress of Solitude robot, and regenerated.



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  • Doomsday was referenced in Public Enemies, when Superman tells Batman that he's already had a funeral.
  • Strangely, no superheroes were seen at all at Superman's funeral in the film, where as in the comic, many heroes were among the mourners, including the Justice League.