Songs from  Superman: The Movie
Released  1978
Format  LP
Label  Warner Brothers Records
Catalogue no.  2BSK-3257

Released in 1978, the original soundtrack album for Superman: The Movie came in a lavish 2-LP set with a gatefold cover with color pictures and inserts, similar to the album for Star Wars that had come out the year before. The album was composed and conducted by John Williams, who was already a household name, having just won an Academy Award for Star Wars, and this score became immediately as famous as Star Wars had. The album also includes Margot Kidder's recitation, "Can You Read My Mind?", as heard during the scene where Superman takes her flying.

The album was later reissued on 1 CD with some tracks cut for time. After many years of fan requests, in 2000 the entire score was finally issued on a 2-CD set, and due to the increased playing time, not only included music that had been left off of the LP due to time constraints, but also included alternate versions of some of the selections from the score.

Other Releases

  • Warner Brothers Records (1 CD)
  • Warner Archives/Rhino R2 75874 (2-CD set)

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