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Superman leaps a tall building in a single bound, in this scene early in the film.

Superman 75th Anniversary short was produced by director Zack Snider and Bruce Timm in 2013. It was shown to audiences at the 2013 Comic-Con, before being shown on DC Nation and released on the internet. The short is two minutes long and references key moments in Superman's 75 year history up to the release of the film Man of Steel.


The short showcases various versions of Superman, beginning with the one from Action Comics #1 and going up to Snyder's Man of Steel incarnation. Some things depicted by the film, in chronological order:

Superman descends upon an army of Mechanical Monsters.

Additionally, in the first part of the short, the John Williams Superman theme is heard, which then transitions to Hans Zimmer's score for Man of Steel after the scene depicting the Reeve films.


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