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Superman of Tokyo (stylized as スーパーマン @ Tokyo) is a 2012 series of animated shorts that appeared as part of the DC Nation programming block on Cartoon Network.

The series drastically re-imagines the mythos of Superman as a title passed on from one hero to a diaper-wearing baby.


Episode 1

During a giant robot attack a dying Superman bestows his power upon a baby boy named Kenta by using his cape as a diaper, despite his babysitter Jemmy's (played by Cree Summers) suggestion that she would like the powers. Kenta then becomes a Superman in his own right, "crawling faster than a bullet train", "able to leap tall buildings in a single crawl" and "powerful enough to repel any weapon on Earth (While crawling)".

Episode 2

The baby Superman is thrown by his babysitter at the giant robot which is attacking the city and he defeats it. After that, he meets the reporter who is covering the story, who also happens to be his mother (Played by Masasa Moyo). He embraces her, but she doesn't recognize him and is confused. The babysitter calls him back, and he departs, leaving his reporter mother wondering about Superman's true identity.



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