I think I just killed Superman

How has Clark Kent kept his hair and nails so short, when the hyper-resilience of his Kryptonian physiology, would supposedly also extend to the keratin in his hair and nails (even his poo may be partially indestructable!)?

I am presuming here that his scalp hair and nails continue to grow like an Earth human's do and require semi-regular maintenance. Freighttrain, The (talk) 17:34, May 1, 2020 (UTC)

No wait guys I've found a way he can still be real! I've got a theory that should work, what if when he was a child, he was painfully aware that his untrimmable continually growing hair and nails would draw much unwanted attention to him, and he was so fearful of this that he developed an intense psychosis, which simply caused him to prematurely develop mental control over the biological processes that regulate his hair and nail growth, which he has been able to do ever since.
I've seen the long list of superpowers attributed to Superman on his article on the DC wiki and this would not be far-fetched among them, I've even heard of similar feats that have been allegedly accomplished by mystics in real life, so this theory could easily fit in with Superman lore. Freighttrain, The (talk) 18:20, May 3, 2020 (UTC)
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