Guide to template fields

  • Image: Only the filename and extension are required here. No "Image:" prefix or pixel size are necessary. i.e. superman.jpg
  • First: Include issue number and date.
  • Creator: Writer and/or artist who originated the character. Show sources.
  • Performer: In most cases, this should link to the In other media section of the article.
  • AKA: Secret identities, nicknames, etc.
  • Classification: Species, clone, human, mutant, etc.
  • Affiliation: Teams and groups affiliated with or alliances.
  • Relatives: Known family members.
  • Powers: Notable abilities only. Use the article to go into detail.


Copy and paste the following into the top of the article and fill in the fields as appropriate. "N/A" is not necessary as any fields left blank will not appear in the article.

|Image          = 
|First          = 
|Creator        = 
|Performer      = 
|AKA            = 
|Classification = 
|Affiliation    = 
|Relatives      = 
|Powers         = 
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