The Death and Return of Superman box

The Death and Return of Superman is a video game released in 1994 for Super Nintendo and 1995 for Sega Genesis.


  • Superman - "The greatest hero of all time, Superman guards Metropolis and the world against all evil forces." Superman uses his heat vision as a projectile attack. His super move is a powerful divebomb.
  • The Cyborg Superman - "Half man, Half machine, Cyborg's organic parts match Superman's DNA identically while his metallic parts appear Kryptonian in origin. Is this Superman rebuilt?" The Cyborg uses his arm cannon as a projectile attack. His super move is a flash bomb.
  • The Eradicator - "Regenerated within the Fortress of Solitude, the Eradicator is Superman reborn. Or is he?" The Eradicator uses plasma blasts as a projectile attack. His super move causes the screen to go dark and him to charge plasma in his hands.
  • Superboy - "Created within the genetic tubes of the Cadmus project, Superboy claims to be a teenage clone of Superman." Superboy uses telekinetic blasts as a projectile attack. His super move is a telekinetic flash.
  • Steel - "A.K.A John Henry Irons, former special weapons designer for Westin Technologies, the Man of Steel has pledged his life to carrying on Superman's legacy of justice." Steel uses iron rivets as a projectile attack. His super move is a powerful dive.


The game follows the events of the Death of Superman starting from the time that the Underworlders take over the Metropolis Power Plant to Superman's return and defeat of the Cyborg. Other heroes such as Green Lantern, Supergirl, and the Justice League are omitted from the game (though the league is mentioned in a cutscene) and other notable enemies such as Mongul are also missing from the plot. While an image of an unpowered Superman is present in the game, the player never gets to battle with Superman in this form.

Events that take place in the game are: the Underworlder's attack on the power plant, Doomsday's appearance and defeat/victory against Superman (Doomsday is twice fought against as a boss character), the Cyborg's assault on Cadmus to retrieve the body of Doomsday, the battle between the Eradicator and Steel, the destruction of Coast City and the subsequent fight between the Eradicator and the Cyborg, Superboy's fight against the Cyborg, Steel's assault on Engine City, Superboy's assault on the missile bound for Metropolis, Steel's destruction of Engine City, and Superman's final battle with the Cyborg.

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