Worlds Mightiest Cat

The World's Mightiest Cat! is a Supergirl story appearing in Action Comics #266.


One day at Midvale Orphanage, Linda Lee, aka Supergirl, attends an event where Superman and Krypto entertain the children of the orphanage with super tricks. Young Paul Dexter, meanwhile, one of the students there and also the owner of Streaky, fantasizes about having a super-powered cat of his own. After the event, Superman hands out souvenir miniature Superman capes. Paul proceeds to tie such a cape on Streaky, trying to coax the cat to fly.

Later, the piece of X-Kryptonite which originally gave Streaky his super powers accidentally gets tangled up in Straky's ball of string. Streaky hides it in a corner where he won't lose it. He's promptly granted his super powers again. Returning to Paul, he impresses him with his super-feats. Paul tries to show off his super-cat's powers, but Supergirl (who has become aware of Streaky's regained powers) interferes, making it seem like Streaky's feats were only an illusion.

Supergirl flies to an African Jungle with Streaky, where her vision has revealed that some animals have escaped a safari exhibit. Streaky helps her round up the animals, responding to her commands. Returning to the Orphanage, Streaky's temporary powers wear out and Supergirl returns him to Paul Dexter.

Paul, meanwhile, has told his story to a potential foster father, visiting the orphanage. The man refuses to adopt a liar, so Paul once again sets out to prove Streaky has super powers. Supergirl sets out to help him, by arranging it to seem like Streaky's super feats were really pranks pulled out by Krypto, who loves to play around. The man apologizes for accusing Paul of lying.



  • Streaky first appeared in "Supergirl's Super Pet!", but in that story it was not specified that Streaky had an owner.
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