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Titano the Super-Ape, originally known as Toto, is a gigantic, super-powered ape. Originally a normal chimpanzee, he was sent into space on an experimental space-mission and was mutated by exposure to radiation in outer space.


Titano seems to posess some degree of Super Strength. Additionally, he has Kryptonite Vision due to exposure to Kryptonite meteoroids in space.


Modern & Post-Modern Age

Sometime in the far future, Titano is seen to have joined the Superman Squad, headquartered in their Fortress of Solidarity outside of space-time. He's described as the protector of the Gorilla Galaxy, and is about the largest being in the Squad who can comfortably fit inside the Fortress. ("Grounded")




  • Episode 6: "The Chimp who Made it Big" (The New Adventures of Superman)
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